Friday, June 28, 2013

Cover Explosion!!!

We promise we'll be getting back to the truths and dares soon. But we've had a recent explosion of cover reveals, and since they're far cooler than anything we could put together, we had to share. I mean, LOOK AT ALL THIS GORGEOUSNESS:

FROZEN, by Erin Bowman
(Sequel to TAKEN)

HOUSE OF IVY & SORROW, by Natalie Whipple
(a brand spankin' new story and world)

SPLIT SECOND, by Kasie West
(Sequel to PIVOT POINT)

LET THE STORMS BREAK, by Shannon Messenger
(Sequel to LET THE SKY FALL)

For more information on any of these books, just click the book titles--they're handy links to goodreads (and hey--you can choose to add them to your shelves, if you want!)

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


  1. am I supposed to get anything done when there is so much PRETTY?? *STARES*


  2. Ohhh, such gorgeous covers. I want to read them all!

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