Truth or Dare -- Want to Play?

Since Friday the 13th is a day that strikes fear into the hearts of many, we decided our theme needed to terrify us just as much. And what could be scarier than putting our fates in your hands with an ongoing game of Truth or Dare?

So here's how this works:

If you want to torture us pick our brains about writing/publishing/books/anything, or if you have a horrifying somewhat outrageous dare you'd like to see us fulfill, fill out the form below. All of those fabulous suggestions will go into a secret pool, and every week one of us will be given a "Truth" or "Dare" to tackle. The fun (and most likely humiliating) results will be posted on Fridays for your enjoyment.

BUT--before your heads fill with ALL KINDS OF EVIL IDEAS--we should warn you that we're going to be *somewhat* selective when it comes to which questions (truths) or dares we choose (we love you guys, but we draw the line at jail time or career suicide). And trust us, you guys want your suggestion to be chosen (we *might* have some awesome surprises up our sleeves for those with a winning idea).

So have fun with this! And feel free to submit as many options as you want. We are absolutely terrified can't wait to see what you guys come up with!