Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ryan Graudin Takes the Truth

We'd like to welcome guest Ryan Graudin to the blog today! Her book, ALL THAT GLOWS, comes out with HarperTeen in 2013. Check out the summary:

 Faery Emrys Leoflic has been guarding the British Royal Family for hundreds of years, protecting them from Green Women, Banshees and any other creatures that might want to prey on them for the special blood magic they carry in their veins. But something about Prince Richard is different from all of the others she’s protected, which forces her to make an impossible choice amidst a backdrop of a mysterious palace murder and paparazzi mayhem. 

Doesn't that sound great? And Ryan is pretty great herself (and adorable, I might add). She was brave enough to take on a truth. The truth was sent in by Kathryn (thanks, Kathryn).

See what I meant about adorable? I want her hair! :)

Thanks for playing, Ryan! Next up on the blog, our own, Brandy. So send her some truth or dares to choose from here.

When she’s not writing and drifting around the globe, Ryan Graudin enjoys hunting through thrift stores and taking pictures of her native Charleston, SC. Her novel ALL THAT GLOWS, the story of a Faery who falls in love with the prince she’s forced to guard, is due out with HarperTeen in Winter 2014. You can learn about all of these things and more at http://ryangraudin.blogspot.com. You can also follow her on Twitter at @ryangraudin 


  1. Ok how adorable are you!! Loved it! And Sleazers!! I think you should write an entire series about them just cause I love their name!!!

  2. What Ellen said. So adorable. And I love how you kept all those idea journals for so many years.

  3. Ice breathing dragons. I love it.

    And Ryan, your hand gestures are priceless.

  4. Thanks guys! Going back through these journals both humors me and shows me how story ideas never really go away. I see so many distant roots in my current projects buried in old notes.

    Haha, Ellen, I'll keep an open mind to Sleazers. ;)

  5. So, so cute. Naturally curly haired peeps gotta stick together. ;-)