Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jeannie Mobley Takes the Dare

Jeannette Mobley is the author of KATERINA'S WISH:
Katerina has a dream. It’s her papa’s dream, too. Her family came to America to buy their own farm. But a year later, Papa is still working in the dangerous coal mine. Each day, the farm seems farther away.

Then Katerina is reminded of the carp that granted three wishes in an old folktale. When her younger sisters hear the story, they immediately make wishes. Trina doesn’t believe in such silliness—but what is she to think when her sisters’ wishes come true?

A farm is still too big to wish for. But, with the help of the neighbor’s handsome son, Trina starts building her dream with hard work and good sense. Then tragedy strikes, and it seems that nothing Trina wishes for will ever come true again.

With warmth and gentle humor, Jeannie Mobley tells the story of a girl whose determination is as inspiring as her dreams.

Jeannie decided to take this dare: dress in a Halloween costume and read from your book using an accent. Enjoy.

Thanks so much for playing, Jeannie!


  1. It's amazing. You have The False Prince! I love the book!
    Yes, as a matter of fact, that IS the only part of the video that I noticed.
    Just kidding. That was fantastic. I'm a little bit in love. I am now of the opinion that all authors must dress up as chickens and read from their books in accents if they wish to hit it big.
    Thanks for participating!

    ~Riv Re
    Riv Reads

  2. Not only is the False Prince amazing, so is its author. All of the novels that I used in the opening sequence were written by friends of mine. I'm glad you noticed the little details. :-)

  3. Ha!!! Oh, the costume, the accent, the opening sequence...I'm so glad you guys dared Jeannie, her creativity knows no bounds!

  4. Jeannie, you are a woman of great courage! Love this, especially the end "tag line". :D

  5. Jeannie speaks the truth. Roosters are jerks.

    Oh my gosh, the opening sequence. *That* was a masterpiece. Thanks so much for playing, Jeannie!

  6. thanks, Thirteeners for inviting me to play! I never miss a chance to squeeze in another chicken joke.

  7. Absolutely wonderful! I used to watch Masterpiece Theater. You have just outdone them tremendously! LOVED it! I hope you will do this with all your upcoming book, Jeannie!