Friday, October 11, 2013

Ellen Picass-Oh takes a dare

Hello everyone! So I'm usually on the group tumblr these days (if you haven't checked it out - go here) but I came in to do a dare and make a fool of myself once again. So this dare is great if you are a fantastic artist, like all 3 of my kids. But not so great if you have problems drawing a straight line or a circle. Which would clearly be me. Knowing my inability to draw, Elsie dared me to draw my MC, Kira from Prophecy. And I foolishly took the challenge!

Here was my first attempt. It was important for me to make sure I was accurate by including the yellow eyes and a bow and arrow. The boots were just a special extra I did. But my youngest came by and berated me for drawing her naked. 

 So I gave her some clothes and a sword. But then apparently my middle daughter came by and asked me if I was drawing a sailor. Damn it, she is not a sailor! So my youngest said, put her on a horse!

 My oldest shows up because of the shrieks of laughter emanating from my room and she takes a look and says "why is she riding a platypus?" At this point, I decided to call it a night and loaded up my self-portrait.

They have now taken to calling me Mama Smurf.

And BTW - here's how real artists do it:

 Kira by our very own and extraordinarily talented Natalie Whipple.

Another Kira by the amazing Joni who blogs at Lace and Fog Authoress. 

From now on, I shall leave the art to the artists!!


  1. Aw, Ellen, your horse reminds me of Kate Beaton's Shetland pony!

    And Natalie and Joni's illustrations are amazing. Such good tigers!

    1. Alexa! That pony is too cute! Maybe I CAN draw! :o)
      And yes, isn't their artwork amazing? I'm so in awe!!!