Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today Is PROPHECY Day! Huzzah!

Guys! It's me, Natalie, and I'm so very beyond excited to have the privilege of being the Thirteener who gets to talk about PROPHECY by our very own Ellen Oh.

Because I freaking love this book. Like, you have no idea. I know I love a book when it makes me want to draw—that's pretty much my brain saying, "I wish these characters were mine and I need to make them belong to me somehow!"

Not every book incites the need to draw in me, but from page one of PROPHECY I could feel my left hand itching to sketch Kira's yellow eyes, the palace where she lived and defended her kingdom from demons, the haetae her father gave her, the monks and cute warrior or two she met along her grand journey...

Can the animators of Avatar: The Last Airbender just adapt this for me, please? Because, c'mon.

PROPHECY is the story of a girl who is scorned for her gifts instead of revered. The story of a kingdom on the brink of destruction by demons, the war that ensues, and a fresh addition to The Hero's Quest tradition. And at the heart of it all, PROPHECY is a story about family.

So if you're looking for a book packed with adventure and non-stop action, look no further! It's the perfect book for the teen who prefers battles, legends, and non-western fantasy.

And because I love Ellen and PROPHECY so much, I want to end this debut post with some art I drew especially for the occasion.

These are two of my favorite characters from PROPHECY—Jaewon and Seung. They make such a great duo. And, hello, Jaewon. Mmm.

And this is my girl, Kira. Man, I love her and her "tiger eyes" and her kick butt warrior skills and her love of her family. She is everything I'd want my daughter to be.

Happy debut day, Ellen! I hope you enjoy every minute of it, and I can't wait to run out to my local bookstore and get a copy for me AND my little sister. You guys should buy it too, just sayin'.


  1. OMG these are gorgeous, Natalie!! Can't wait to get my hands on PROPHECY today so I can meet these character myself.

    Ellen -- a humongous congrats to you! It's been so much fun to be on this journey with you and I'm so excited to cheer PROPHECY into the world with the rest of the Thirteeners. YAY!!! *tosses confetti*

  2. Congrats Ellen on your release day!! I already proudly own my copy of PROPHECY, but might just have to tour around all the local bookstores just to see it on the shelf more :)

    And Natalie, those illustrations are awesome! That's so much like how I pictured Kira.

  3. Congratulations on the release day! I cannot wait to read your book :)It really sounds amazing!

    And the pictures are really beautiful, too :)

  4. Wow, Natalie! These drawings are awesome! I'm super intrigued now about PROPHECY, so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. HAPPY RELEASE DAY, ELLEN!!! And dang, Natalie. Way to make us all look bad with your multi-talentedness. LOVE these drawings so much!!! :)

  6. Wow! These drawings are amazing, Natalie! I loved PROPHECY, too and envisioned these characters the same way. Very cool!

    Yay, Ellen! Happy release day, lady! :) I'm SO ecstatic for you and your book! Hooray for PROPHECY being out in the world!

  7. Happy book birthday, Ellen. I'm waiting for my copy of PROPHECY this second. No....really....I am. It's supposed to arrive on my doorstep at some point today and I can't wait!

    And Natalie, seriously, you are amazing. Love these.

  8. Ellen, I'm so gosh darn happy for you. You rule. Your book rules.

  9. Congratulations, Ellen! Happy, happy book birthday!

    Natalie, I'm just blown away by your illustrations, especially the one of Kira and her tiger. Those are so good! (Though I would also die of happiness if the Avatar guys did an adaptation of PROPHECY. Should we start a write-in campaign?)

  10. Thank you everybody! And most especially thank you Natalie - who made me tear up with this beautiful post and gorgeous artwork! I'm so happy to have you all with me celebrating with me!

  11. Yay! So happy for you, Ellen, and that PROPHECY is out in the world. I can't wait to get my copy. And Natalie, love the illustrations -- you have serious talent, lady!

  12. Just got back from vacation and am counting the hours until the mailman delivers our held mail, which HAD BETTER include the copy of PROPHECY I pre-ordered. Yay, Ellen! So happy to see your dream finally come true!