Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A WARRIOR has arrived!

Do you guys know what today is????????

Yes, it *is* the last day of 2013 and New Years Eve and all that jazz--but even more exciting than that: IT'S WARRIOR'S RELEASE DAY!!!!

Yes--that's right. The awesome sequel to PROPHECY is finally hitting stores today (side note: holy crap--I can't believe our group has now reached the point of sequels. Seriously, WHERE does time go?) And if that gorgeous cover doesn't already have you desperate to read, here's the official summary from goodreads:

First an outcast, now a hero. 
But her fight rages on. 
Kira, the yellow-eyed demon slayer who fiercely protected her kingdom—and the crown prince—has been proclaimed the Dragon Musado of the prophecy. With the defeated the evil shaman. 
But it wasn’t enough.

Hansong is in chaos. The Demon Lord’s minions have infiltrated the city, treason is brewing among the military ranks, and Kira is buried by the overwhelming loss of her parents. She’s also plagued by the annoying feelings that blossom whenever she’s around Jaewon. But she is determined that nothing will stop her from finding the second treasure needed to fulfill the Dragon King’s prophecy. Not even the army of half-breed demons hot on their trail. If only she could learn to trust others…
Her father always said one person can change the world. Will it be Kira?
Sounds epic, right? And if you are as eager as we all are to get your hands on a copy, here's a few handy links to help:


And happy shopping to everyone else. We'll see you in 2014!!!

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