Friday, May 17, 2013

Mindy McGinnis Tells the Truth About Survival

Before we get on to the awesome video, we need to announce the winner of our INSOMNIA Dare Giveaway! Gillian Berry! You Win! Jenn will be in contact with you soon and congrats.

Recently someone asked our group of authors how much we were like our main characters. That's kind of a tricky one to answer for me, but I did my best for you in a rambunctious vlog.

I'm also blogging on the Lucky 13s today about self-sufficiency, and how it does not relate to writing... at all. We need our critique parters. Cherish them, love them. Feed them organic food.


  1. Hahaha! LOL, although I have to warn you--you disparaged Vernors and we here in Detroit take our Vernors verrrrry seriously. Can you survive a Detroit beatdown???

    1. Ah - but I LOVE Vernors. What's better than a drink that tickles your nose? I swear I'm the only person under 70 in Ohio that drinks it. You and I can hoard it together post-apoc.

  2. I just had the most terrifying (and entertaining) visual of NOT A DROP TO DRINK Land. Dead coyote carcasses strategically placed on the ground will act as furry arrows that guide visitors to the attractions. Snipers will be hiding out on rooftops surrounding the lone drinking fountain. Anyone over 48" is fair game (bonus points if you keep their shoes/hats on). Concessions will be limited to canned goods, whatever critters you can catch on the property and black jelly beans.

    Admission will be free, after all, only half the visitors make it out alive. (Parking is $15 though. $25 for RVs)

  3. "When the world ends and their all dead I might miss them." Best quote ever!

  4. Not a Drop to Drink Land sounds intense. Insomnia land would be pretty freaky also...alas, guess we'll have to wait for our theme parks. ;-)