Friday, September 14, 2012


And we are back!
Back to celebrating Jeanne Ryan's fabulous book NERVE and the dares by the EMUs and the Thirteeners!

So here's the deal. Go on over to the EMU blog and check out their dares. Then come back and check out ours. They've all be compiled nicely into one video for your viewing pain, I mean pleasure. As an incentive to finishing off the whole video (yes I know it's 10 minutes long! But there are 5 dares on there!!!) I will give you a sneak peak at what you can look forward to for the last dare!

What in the world is that? Is that Mindy McGinnis dressed as a carrot?!!! Tune in and find out!!

All you have to do is leave us a comment and you will be entered in for a chance to win a signed copy of NERVE!!


  1. Seriously, there are no words to describe Carl the carrot. And I can't believe Tara D. at the EMU's ate an entire chocolate cake. I'm in awe! Now I'm sorry we didn't do an eating challenge!!!

  2. Ellen, you rock for putting this together! Everyone did such a fantastic job. And CAKE. The best idea for a dare yet!!!

  3. Hey! Loved these! Trailer was awesome--the set up to look "real" cracks me up. ('s not real, right???) The pig nose was a good touch for pig latin, enjoyed the theme song (hand over the heart and applause!) Thanks to the audio book, I'm now considering using seasoned salt as a character in my WIP. Now, Mindy's carrot was hilarious yet I also felt myself feeling badly for vegetables... Mindy--I'm your fan for life. Emus and 13ers should do a dinner party--slabs of meat only. No vegetables, of course. Seriously, well done 13ers!!! We over at EMus had fun with this. Also, congrat's to you all on your book contracts!!! You're in for the ride of your lives--enjoy it. :-)

  4. You guys need to pitch Fifty Shades of Twilight to Hollywood, especially the steamy scene on the desk -- whoa!

    Alexandra gets major props for doing a romance scene with a pig nose! I agree that French subrights are more the way you want to go though.

    Kasie enlightened me. Never realized He-man didn't have lyrics either. The hand to my chest means I loved it.

    J.R. I will never look at sprinkles the same way again.

    Mindy's carrot had my non-peeled skin crawling in fear.

    Really, all of you were amazifying! Brava!

  5. These were absolutely wonderful...almost (but not quite) makes me wish my book were coming out in 2013! Best of luck to ALL of you, you're all GREAT!!!

  6. Carl the carrot stole my heart! ;)

  7. I have to give props to Carl the Carrot. I have to support my comrades in the tribe of EMU, but man, that carrot blew my mind. I was also very impressed by the production values on FIFTY SHADES OF TWILIGHT! Did you guys get VooDooDog to do the credits sequence?

  8. Oh my God, Carl the Carrot. I don't know that anything can ever top that. "I've lost everything. . . my brother, my outer skin. . ." Mindy, the way you were holding your mouth and managed to stay so serious was hilarious!

  9. lol I'm still laughing at Carl. Mindy, seriously, no words.

    I love all you people. So happy to be a thirteener with y'all. Thanks to Ellen for all her hard work on splicing this together. :) We love you, Ellen.

  10. Love it, this was hysterical. Great job all of you, it was very entertaining!

  11. I'm lovin 50 shades of twilight. Who knew that Edward and Christian would be so onto each other?

  12. I will never be able to peel a carrot again without thinking of poor Carl. Good for you, Carl, not drowning yourself in the mayonnaise. Way to hang in there.

  13. Ahahahahahaha.

    You guys are amazing.

  14. Oh my goodness--they are all hilarious but dude, I'm not sure I will EVER see carrots without thinking of Carl now. Too awesome for words.

  15. AWww... thanks guys. If I knew what dressing up like a carrot could do for me I totally would've done that sooner. And yeah... when I seem my brother's skin in there... well, it's just hard not to laugh.

    High school drama pays off!! I can be a carrot and not break character!! :)

  16. AND I have to add to Alexa that you rocked reading Pig Latin on the fly. Amazing-tay.

    1. Ha! Mindy, that was totally my fourth take. Have you guys noticed that it's harder to read in Pig Latin than it is to speak in it? It's like your brain has to do one extra translation step.

  17. This was SO much fun! He-man, thank for disappearing and taking your man-bang with you. Salvage should TOTALLY be translated into Pig Latin. Fifty Shades of Twilight looks EPIC! Carl, my veggie eating life will never be the same.

    Thirteeners 4 Ever! ;-)

  18. This is SO EPICALLY AWESOME. Love it! Excited for NERVE, too! YAY!

  19. Awesome dare. Can't wait to read Nerve!
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  20. This was truly awe-inspiring! Of course I'm with team Emu but you have proven yourselves worthy opponents in the realm of goofy behavior.

  21. This was so so so great. I can't decide what part was the best. Though, Imma def have to go pick up a copy of Fifty Shades of Twilight! Also, I will never look at a pig nose the same way...or man bangs...or Lawry's Seasoning Salt...and certainly not a carrot.

  22. You know I never liked eating carrots and I'm so glad that Mindy did this so that I can now say I'm justified in my dislike of eating carrots. It's carronibalism!

  23. "Ohhhh no, I see my brother's skin in there!"

    Mindy Friggin' McGinnis. Does your brilliance know no bounds?? :)

    Amazing job, guys. I had so much fun watching that through, guessing what the heck could be coming next. And Alexandra, I want to know where you work that you have pig noses lying around to take home with you--and do you need an assistant? :)

    1. Just so you know Tara, I'm screencapping this quote and using it as my desktop background. ; )

    2. That was the line that had me in tears as well. I could not stop laughing. I think it was the way you said it, Mindy. Kills me.

    3. I love that Carl kept calling it his "outer skin," too. It was too amazing.

      And Tara, I work at a public library. We tend to accumulate weird stuff like pig noses, fake mustaches, possum puppets, and . . . oh my God. . . giant felt carrots!

  24. Dammit. I so wish my publisher had signed me for 2013. I just want to hang out with kids as stupi--er, cool as you guys!!

    Fifty Shades of got my vote.

    Alexandra, Kasie, J.R. and BBC...honorable mentions. Well done!

    1. Who you calling upidstay?

      he he! WE embrace our upidstay!!!

      Or at least i do, I'm sure one of the 13ers is going "ixnay on the upidstay"

    2. Oh Bethany, you already knew I'm totally pro-stupid!! :)

  25. Fifty Shades of Twilight ... I would pay to see that in theatres lol. I LOVE the music in the beginning and the end of the video! And Alexandra's is probably my favorite - because of the pig latin. Somehow, the nose just made it ridiculously impossible not to laugh lol.

    Thanks for the crazy-awesome video!

  26. As a member of Team Emu, I can still say that I was blown away by the Thirteeners' production! I'm ready for the 50 Shades of Twilight movie, and am seriously considering writing my next manuscript in Pig Latin. And I may never eat another carrot as long as I live. Or, until at least tomorrow...

  27. Thanks for the laughs. It made my day!

  28. I am a total EMU girl but wow, you 13ers really did it up! The pig nose added such brilliance to the pig Latin -- did anyone actually try to listen to the words? No! We were staring at the nose! And gosh, that carrot story. Unforgettable, in so many, many ways... Bravo to both teams of daredevils. Thanks for being such great sports! :)

  29. Omg! You ladies crack me up!! That was really funny. Totally made my day!


  30. Poor Cecil. He was a good friend. BAHAHAHAHAH!

    You ladies ROCK!

    No need to put me in the drawing, I just had to thank you for the laughs!

    P.S. Did Jacob have a head in the original Twilight movies? I couldn't remember ... and not that it matters. I, like everyone else, was only in it for the abs.

    1. Thinking back, A.G., I'm 99 percent certain that Jacob did NOT have a head in those vampy flicks. Yeah...I'd bet money on it.

  31. haha thats too awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! :-D

  32. Wow! I am speechless. That was amazing.

  33. HOLY COW. You all rock my sox off!!! MINDY! Your story was truly...deep. :D


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